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Ruth Who?
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Ruth Who? I love this album for the white noise at the beginning. It goes on just long enough that you're not sure there's going to be anything else. Surprises and delights me every time. Favorite track: 愿意相信谁 ?.
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Here it is ! Our first album recorded in july 2014 in our practice room.

Feel free to download it and diffuse it as much as you can. You can dowload it for free, just click on "buy it" and put 0 dollars.

A Tape version is available in Europe here:

5 Feet Under Records : 5feetunder.com

Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder : www.facebook.com/ADDGRINDCORE

We will release a Malaysian version and Argentina version soon !

Artwork by Ivan Brun: ivanbrun.tanibis.net

We wanted to release 300 LP but we were cheated by the pressing plant company "Magnetic Mastering".. we loose 900 euros in this shit...


released November 11, 2014



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SCOD Wuhan, China

SCOD (Speak Chinese Or Die) is a DIY Chinese Band from Wuhan, China.
We play a mix of fast music with grind, crust, punk and hardcore parts !

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Track Name: 愿意相信谁 ?
Western news tell me to turn left
Chinese news tell me to turn right
There is an abyss on the left
There is an abyss on the right
How to find the bridge to the truth ?
Track Name: Gao Caca
Let’s play tennis ? I can’t, I have to review for my college entrance examination
Let’s go to an internet cafe? I can’t, I have to review for my college entrance examination
Let’s go to a movie ? I can’t, I have to review for my college entrance examination
Let’s go out to play? I can’t, I have to review for my college entrance examination
Let’s go to play video games? I can’t, I have to kill myself.

Explanation :
The Gaokao is the Chinese national examination at the end of high school. It is the most important exam for any Chinese kid because it will decide which university he can enter and therefore it will decide his future. All the life of kid is organized according to this exam and the pressure is unbearable, resulting in a number of nervous breakdown and suicide.
Track Name: 城管 Vs 洛奇 巴布亚
If Rocky fought against a “cheng guan”, who would win ?

Explanation :

Cheng guan are kind of street cops in charge of « urban management » of the city. They are specially working on cracking-down unlicensed street vendors. Abusing their power, they have been involved in many cases of assaulting, beating, murdering, illegal detention and illegal property eviction of innocent people.
Track Name: Bo Xi Lai 勃起来
Today I will not watch my Japanese porn
Because today I’ll watch Bo’s Trial !
If he gets the death penalty, I will have a hard-on !

The trial of Bo Xi Lai, broadcasted live on TV, was nothing but “smoke and mirrors” intending to make people believe in a transparent Chinese judicial system. In reality, the trial was nothing more than a pantomime where the verdict was already decided in advance, where the pieces of evidence were carefully chosen to not involve other leaders or to limit the negative repercussions on the PRC’s image.
Track Name: 七个不要讲
My mother told me “don’t say that”
My father told me “don’t say that”
My teacher told me “don't say that”
My friend told me “don't say that”
My doctor told me “don't say that”
My TV told me “don't say that”
My dog told me “don't say that”

With the new government run by Xi JinPing, the ideological control has still not faltered. Recently, the secretary general of the party has defined 7 subjects (七个不要讲) banned from public evocation: the historical mistakes of the party, the universal values, the tensions in society, the right of citizens, the independence of the justice, the privileges of the members of the government and the freedom of the press.
Track Name: 吸血鬼舞
Every five years, it’s like a vampire ball. They dance, they dance and suck each others’blood. Who will be the next bloodsucking president ?
Track Name: 黑社会医院
Today I went to the hospital to have my kid vaccinated. Finally, the doctor asked me to get her a blood test, a brain scan, a massage, a haircut, an x-ray, an allergy test, and some expensive medecine… Fucking commercial hospital ! Fucking mafia hospital !
Track Name: Speak Chinese Or Die
Speak Chinese or die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: 买/结/生
How old are You ?
You’re still not married ?
You still don’t have a kid ?
What are you doing ????????? You’re a punk !!!!!!!!

Explanation :
Pressure to get married in China is extremly strong and arranged mariage are still a common thing here.
Track Name: Shoot the plane
Everyone tell be that shooting the plane is bad.
But when I shot the plane every day, I am supporting the one child Policy.
So I guess, you can call me a patriot.
Track Name: Opportunist
I have bought Jackie Chan posters
I have bought Jackie Chan DVD
I have bought Jackie Chan shampoo
I have bought Jackie Chan dumplings
I have bought Jackie Chan drinks
I have bought all the Jackie Chan Products
I just read an interview of Jackie Chan
And now I want to vomit my Jackie Chan Dumplings

Well known in the world as a kung fu superstar actor, Jackie Chan is less known for his controversial comments and his opportunism. Here are some words of the master :
"I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we're not being controlled, we'll just do what we want."
"The authorities should stipulate what issues people can protest over and on what issues it is not allowed."
Track Name: DIC
When the cost of a chinese worker will be too high, where will you go ?
Track Name: 喜洋洋被和谐
Long Live Harmony !!!!
Track Name: Happy New Grind
Today, it’s chrismas. I’ m going to the mall with my girlfriend to do some shopping all night long ! I want to put my head in the toilets.
Track Name: Underground Rules
Mr. Policeman: “Your fire door is wrong”
Boss of Livehouse: “OK, please take it !”
Mr. Policeman: “Your kitchen is not clean “
Boss of Livehouse: “OK, please take it !”
Mr. Policeman: “There is too many people in the show”
Boss of Livehouse: “OK, please take it !”
Mr. Policeman: “…”
Boss of Livehouse: “OK, please take it !”